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LA CAMILLA - FRUGAROLO - country houses LA CAMILLA - FRUGAROLO - country houses LA CAMILLA - FRUGAROLO - country houses
Farm Holiday Apartments
La Camilla welcomes guests in four comfortable and spacious apartments, each with its own kitchen. The apartments open onto the courtyard of the farm. With access to the rear gardens and pool, there is ample room for both play and relaxation. A play area for children with slide, swing and sandbox. “La Camillina,” hidden in a corner of the garden, is a brick playhouse that has been welcoming children since the early 1900s.
Guests at La Camilla prepare their own meals including breakfast in fully equipped kitchens. They are in two restored residences on the farm, maintaining their original character. They are furnished with a combination of new and family pieces, in a comfortable country style.
Each apartment has its own fully equipped kitchen and central heating, especially attractive to medium and long term stays in every season. Solid walls and shutters keep the apartments cool in the summer.

The Farm
La Camilla has 90 acres of land where corn, wheat, and sugar beets are grown. Approximately 200 Friesian dairy cows are also bred and raised here every season. Pheasants, partridges, and rabbits can be seen in the surrounding fields.The layout of the buildings is typical of the region, surrounded by walls and inside of which are the owner’s residence, verdant gardens, a chapel, an orchard and beehives, a swimming pool, the stalls and barns. The lodgings of the farm workers and the farm holiday apartments surround the main interior courtyard.

La Camilla
La Camilla is a farm on the Marengo plain, located close to the site of the Napoleanic-Austrian Battle of Marengo. Remains of a roman road—the Via Emilia—and 2nd and 3rd century A.D. tombs have been discovered on the grounds, which might have been part of a Roman farm and encampment on the edges of Gallia Cisalpina and Liguria. The property was integrated into the holdings of the Dominican Fathers of Bosco Marengo, then incorporated into the territory of the Kingdom of Piemonte. In 1868 the farm was bought by the Scavia family, who have been livng and working here ever since.

The area
La Camilla is located in the tranquil countryside of Alessandria province. Time passes slowly among the quiet towns and country festivals. It’s a peaceful area undiscovered by crowds, and has so far avoided taking on airs for the tourists. Those who make the effort will find truly beautiful and interesting places to visit. Not to be missed are the historic towns and rolling hills and valleys. The food and wine from the region are world class, and can often be tasted and purchased straight from the producers.



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